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The Quick Start Challenge

The Quick Start Challenge

by September 12, 2018 Internet Marketing

It was a long journey of making mistakes, loosing money, and lots of discouragements before I could work online fulltime.  I tried this and I tried that and in the end, it all paid off for me as I gained a lot of education and insight as a traveled that long bumpy road to being my own boss, working from home. It did take me years to get there and I have to admit there were times that I thought I would never get to the income that I needed, but last year in 2017 I was able to finally live off my online wages and boy it sure made a difference in my life.

While it took me years to get there, I think if a person was to start today with the right tools and direction, one could actually get to a fulltime income in a few weeks.  Now I am not saying it would be easy, but it can be done.

I have decided to take the Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge just to see how a newbie could get started and start making some good money in just

a few weeks.  I had heard of Dean’s challenge in past years but never looked at it even though I had heard how several people had become successful by accepting the challenge.  Then when a friend ask me if it is possible to use his quick start course to get a quick start  to making some decent income online, I said I didn’t know but I had decided to accept the challenge.

So while I must continue my regular online business so I can eat and pay bills, I am going to approach the challenge like a newbie and see where it goes.  Meaning I am going to follow the challenge step by step and see where it goes and see if it is possible.  The worst that could happen is that I gain some new insight, the best that could happen is that I add some additional income to my present business.  So I have nothing to lose.

I will be updating here to let you know the progress, so keep on the lookout.