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Make Money Even

Make Money Even

  • Ease of Use
  • Easy to generate income
  • Compensation Plan
  • Training

I wanted to give you my review of a program that I have been testing for a few weeks.  It is called MAKE MONEY EVEN.  It should be called Make Money Even IF YOU DON’T TRY.

The reason that I say that is that MME guarantees that you will make money your first day you join.  And yes you will at least break even with this business on your first day.

This really is an easy business to promote because while there is a minimal $10 joining fee, you get it right back which makes the program virtually free.  You can’t beat that.

MME has eliminated a lot of the obstacles that can face newbies and even veterans of online marketing.

Obstacle 1. One time $10 Returned as Commissions Instantly!
Obstacle 2. No Nagging Monthly Payments.
Obstacle 3. Guaranteed to at least Break Even Your Very First Day.
Obstacle 4. If you can copy & paste you can sponsor others and Grow
Your Business (and Earn $5.00 for each).

Obstacle 5. You don’t have to talk with anyone.
Obstacle 6. Both Basic and High level Marketing Training Included;
Products that Make You Money.

If you have never made a dime online that will change – Guaranteed.

Just Imagine for a minute the Security and Freedom you will have being
able to make Great Money Online where ever you are and whenever you want.

I found the system easy to join and setup.  I am making money with this system because it is so easy for people to do and it is available worldwide.

Besides making money by referring people to the system, they make recommendations of additional ways to make money online.

The system uses a 1 up compensation plan where you pass up very other referral to your sponsor, but you can purchase a tool they call the keeper tool and you keep all your referrals.  That is only $50 and worth it to me because you will make that back quickly.

They also have a VIP upgrade that is $200.  Both The Keeper tool and the VIP membership are optional.

The site provides training in both the basic and VIP level.  To be honest the training is really weak and they could do better if they added more to the training on both levels.  That is the only negative thing I see about the site.

They have Weekly Webinars and the owners are very accessible.

So I would say this is a sleeper program that is a real blockbuster and lucrative.

You can go to the Make Money Even site here => Make Money Even