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Houston, we have a problem at Facebook.

Houston, we have a problem at Facebook.


If you have seen the movie Apollo 13 or actually watched the real Apollo 13 incident on TV as it happened as I did, then you know the phrase “Houston we have a problem” came from that almost disaster.

If you have been trying to use Facebook today (March 13, 2019), then you will know that today “Facebook has a problem” and so far it is not over and has been a financial disaster to many users.

All day today people have been having problems posting and commenting on Facebook intermittently.  In some cases some members have not been able to post or comment at all.

This is why you should not put all your eggs in one basket.

I know I don’t depend on any one platform to make money, and nor should you.

Besides Facebook and my other Social media, I also use a platform that I personally developed for me and those on my team.  It is called OWL…. “One Wise Link.

The platform helps you to get leads, build an email list and most importantly make money.  And because I realize that so many people have spent so much money trying to make money, my OWL platform is free to join and make money with.

So NO, there is no problem if you become “wise as an OWL“. 

Sorry Facebook, OWL members are not co-dependent, so when you get it fixed, we will be there still, but in the mean time, no disaster for OWL users because we don’t give a hoot if you are working correctly or not, because we make our money using OWL!