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From Dreams to Reality

From Dreams to Reality


As you may know I am exploring and reviewing the “Quick Start Challenge” program.  Now into the second week,it is helping to build a foundation and helping you to discover the “Why” as to why you are into Internet Marketing.

You know if all starts with a dream, but unless you make that dream into goals and take action, it just stays a dream.  When you do take action, your dream can become a reality.  Some have very gargantuan dreams and others have more modest dreams.  No matter what your dreams are, you have to start a take one step at a time.

I have always lived a modest lifestyle by choice.  I have always wanted to live comfortably and not elaborate.  You know nice house, nice car, entertainment, some travel, etc.  You know the normal things in life without going overboard.

Going from a real world job to a online job the most important thing for me was to maintain similar or slightly better lifestyle than I has working the 9-5 job.


It takes time, but you do have to figure out what you want to achieve and then set short-term and long-term goals and then take action on your goals to make it all become a reality.  For me an $8,000 to $10,000 monthly goal was my initial and comfortable goal.  Took a while to get there, but it is achievable if you stick with it.  Persistency and consistency is your friend in online marketing.

Now doing the “Quick Start Challenge”, I am going to see if I can increase that monthly goal by starting as a “newbie” for the course.  Keep checking back to see results as I continue to review it each week.