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Just say the name for goodness sake.

Just say the name for goodness sake.

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by September 15, 2016 Internet Marketing

closed-mouthMany years ago, I use to be involved with a company called Amway.  (Don’t worry, this is not about Amway and I am not trying to sell you soap.)  Amway was and may still be a great company.  I did well with them and made good money.  People were hyping it up all over the place  In fact it was getting so much “person to person” promotion that when people started hearing the name Amway, they would run  the  other way.

The company and products were great, but people got tired of being approached.  So instead of changing the approach, the mentors taught us to just not same the name of the company.

They would tell us to tell all about the company, don’t say the name at any cost.  I see that same philosophy has slipped into Internet Marketing.

There is a Biz op that is taking the Facebook community by storm and if  you closed-mouth2are involved with Internet Marketing on Facebook, then you have  probably been approached a multitude of times, and that is okay.

But I just had a conversation with a guy who was explaining to me about his company he is involved with. He seemed to take great strides to not reveal the name.  Even when I ask him directly what was the name, he just said it was not important.

JUST SAY THE NAME FOR GOODNESS SAKE.   That was a complete turnoff for me since I think it was the company that is getting all the hype.  The sad part is, he had me to a point where I could have been interested.   Just think if it was another opportunity, I may have jumped on it, but since he didn’t say, I assumed which business it was.

JUST SAY THE NAME FOR GOODNESS SAKE.  We both could have saved some time.  It may be a great biz but I have been approached on it by several friends and read about it all over the place and it is just not for me.  I understand the curiosity approach and I use it myself, but if someone ask, I am not going to hide from the name. I respect a person’s time and intelligence more than that.




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