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Facebook Marketing Trend…

Facebook Marketing Trend…

Be First!
by October 1, 2016 Internet Marketing

fb-marketingThere seems to be a new marketing trend that is going around Facebook lately and it is absolutely the best way to guarantee that you will not get any takers on your product or program.  At least I guarantee that you will not get me to join your group.

I am not sure if someone is teaching this or if people are mimicking what they have seen others do to them.

First they friend you.  I pretty much accept all friend request unless they are so obviously a scam or spam account.  Then once they friend you, they will try one of two methods.


Method 1:  They show no shame and the first message to you once you accept their friend request is to try to sell you some program.

Method 2:  They pretend to show interest in you by asking questions related to you and then after about 4 or 5 personal related questions, they will then try to sell you some program.

So which method works the best?

You got it…… NEITHER!!!


Here is an example of what I am talking about…….  OH, I could show you many many more……  🙂

So that is the exact way not to promote or market online.  Show a genuine interest in the person.  Really do get to know them as a person and not as a potential client and you will get further and make more sales.

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