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A Mother’s Wisdom

A Mother’s Wisdom

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by September 16, 2016 Internet Marketing

motherSince I was little boy I have always known that my mom was a very wise lady.  People were always asking for her advice and if you did not ask for it, she would give it to you anyway.  🙂

Sometimes it was later on about something that I figured out that she was right about something, but eventually I would see that most things she told me were right on.

One of the things for many years that we would disagree on is picking up a penny from the ground.  I could not see the point of it and she would get mad if I did not, and pick it up herself.  She did this for years.  A few years back when I had returned home I took my mom out to dinner.  We were in this crowded restaurant and wouldn’t you know it, she spotted 2 pennies laying on the floor right in the aisle with lots of traffic.  She is telling me to pick them up.  I sat there with my suit and tie on and told her that there was no way that I would stoop down and pick up those pennies.  Then she put my to shame, my (at the time) 87 year old mom gets up from her chair and feebly bends dpenniesown to pick up the two lousy pennies.  Boy was I embarrassed as people watched me sit there as my elderly mom did this.  All she said was remember I told you, those pennies add up.

When my mom died, I found in her closet, yes buckets, jars and sacks of pennies.  She had kept them all those years I guess.  When I converted all those pennies, there was just over $600.  Boy did I feel stupid.  She earned those pennies by doing nothing but just stooping down and valuing the small stuff.

Lesson Learned. 

I get a lot of comments from people that they would rather only market the BIG TICKET ITEMS. You know the ones that most people can’t join.  That is okay though.  I don’t knock it.  I prefer “BIG PEOPLE” ITEMS.   You know the ones that the biggest amount of people can join and make money. So I get knocked a lot because I promote $7 and $12 programs and products, but then I think of my mom and her pennies.  It all adds up.  I always look for things that if someone is willing to stoop down and work it, they will make money.  That is what I get involved with and that is what I share.

Don’t ignore the little stuff, they make money too and it does add up.




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